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December 17, 2004

Dear friends,

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle ran a story that sums RAN up quite nicely with the headline “S.F. nonprofit a lean, green, fighting machine: Rainforest Action Network hits corporations where it hurts for the good of the environment”.

And earlier this year, Fortune magazine featured an article on RAN entitled “The Mosquito in the Tent”, lauding our effectiveness at getting big business to adopt environmental policies.

It’s because of you that we can be so effective. You help to keep us at the forefront of a growing global movement to end environmentally and socially destructive corporate behavior, and your support makes you a leader in creating a sustainable future.

Consider our recent accomplishments:

  • Citigroup and Bank of America, the two largest banks in the U.S., negotiated with RAN to adopt landmark policies committing them to end funding of projects that destroy endangered forests and to dramatically decrease their support for industries that cause global warming.

  • Hundreds of companies, including Home Depot, Kinko's and Lowe's, have agreed to stop selling products from endangered forests. Because of these agreements, millions of acres of old-growth forests have been permanently protected.

  • After a hard fought three-year campaign, Boise Cascade, the largest logger of U.S. old-growth forests throughout the 1990s-and one of the largest purchasers of old-growth products internationally-agreed to eliminate the logging and selling of forest products from endangered areas worldwide.
But for all of our successes, many of the world's most endangered forests still remain at the mercy of mining, oil, gas and logging activities-and the mega banks that fund and advise these projects.

That's why we need your support now. We can't finish the job without you.

Please make a tax deductible donation today.

Please consider signing up for our monthly sustainer program. Your monthly gift will provide Rainforest Action Network with the steady support we need to take on some of the world's most environmentally destructive corporations.

Join our monthly program.

And if you're looking for a last minute gift idea this holiday season, give a gift that will truly make a difference - a Rainforest Action Network membership.

Give a holiday gift.

And I promise you, we will be relentless in holding those responsible for environmental destruction accountable in the court of public opinion. We will use your gift to accelerate our campaigns to bring the forestry, banking and automobile sectors into alignment with modern values.

We will target Weyerhaeuser customers to convince them to cancel their contracts until the logging giant wakes up and agrees to stop logging and selling old-growth forest products. We will challenge JP Morgan Chase to meet or beat the commitments made by Citigroup and Bank of America. And we will lead an international campaign to get Ford Motor Company to end its addiction to oil and immediately improve fleet-wide fuel efficiency and ultimately eliminate tailpipe emissions.

The most powerful way to get the attention of any corporation is consumer pressure. Hit any company in the pocketbook-better yet, expose the dark side of its carefully manicured brand image-and watch how fast policies and practices change in response to customer demands.

For nearly 20 years, RAN has been at the forefront of the fight to achieve a just and sustainable future. And with your continued support, we will continue to transform the world's most environmentally destructive corporations. Please help today.

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and activists of Rainforest Action Network, I'd like to extend my deepest thanks for your support and steadfast commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Warmest regards,

Michael Brune
Executive Director

Our Victories...

Bank of America!

Our Campaigns...

The Old Growth Campaign
The Global Finance Campaign
The Zero Emissions Campaign

2004 in Pictures...

Ford: Holding American Hostage to OilJanuary 8: Activists from RAN and Global Exchange drew international attention by rappelling down a 32-story skyscraper near the Los Angeles Auto Show and unfurling a 40-foot by 60-foot giant banner reading, "Ford: Holding American Hostage to Oil."

Ford: Holding American Hostage to OilFebruary 19: Launched "Wake Up Weyerhaeuser" campaign targeting the number one destroyer of old growth forests in North America by unfurling a 2,400 square foot banner from a construction crane in the logging giant's hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Ford: Holding American Hostage to OilSeptember 16: Forced Ford to scrap plans to crush the TH!NK all-electric, zero emission vehcles-the most fuel efficient cars in its oil addicted fleet-amidst a series of demonstrations in Oslo, Norway and San Francisco.

Ford: Holding American Hostage to OilOctober 9: Organized 500 participants for the "Tree of Life Celebration," a living sculpture and musical uprising bearing witness to one of thousands of Canadian clearcuts by US-based logging giant Weyerhaeuser. It was the largest forest protection gathering in 12 years since the Clayoquot Sound blockades and the largest ever in the Upper Walbran Valley of Vancouver Island.

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